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Birthdate:Oct 31
Website:bluestar: iolarah
My username is pronounced "eee-ohh-lah-rah", not "eye-oh-lair-ah" :)

digging in the dirt

"all we are is what we try to get rid of--fat and newspapers, and loneliness and catfood cans, and there are going-away people and there are left-behind people, but everybody's secrets, everybody's secrets are the same..."

"Peace is more than simply ceasing to fire."
--Lester B. Pearson

"Optimism is the most radical political act there is."

I should not talk so much about myself
if there were anybody else whom I knew as well.

--Henry David Thoreau, "Walden".

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For an interesting diversion, check out celsius1410. Be sure to read the userinfo, as that explains what it's all about.

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Dislikes: 37: bad grammar, bad manners, bad spelling, being late, brokerage fees, cyclists who ride on the sidewalk, dog owners who don't stoop and scoop, Dufflet pastries, flash-heavy websites, foods I can't digest, Freud, hairballs, knuckle-cracking, littering, losing things, loud cellphone talkers, Margaret Atwood, mind games, off-centre lip piercings, ostentatious materialism, pantyhose, Paul Oakenfold, people who are pushy and self-righteous about their beliefs, people who break the spines of books, people who don't spay or neuter their pets, people who refuse to be personally accountable, phishers, rude people on the TTC, seagulls, server problems, spam, the Guvernment, the phrase "step up to the plate", the sound of scuffing shoes, trainwreck mixes, tribal flash tattoos, wastefulness.
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